London Bucket List

When I moved to London in 2011, I already knew it quite well. I’d visited a number of times, every summer in fact, but holidaying in London is a lot different to living in London, and that’s when I realised there is so much more to do, so much to see, you can never have enough things to do. Everyday something new, undiscovered and quirky will come to your attention – whether this is through word of mouth, the internet, magazines, London never seizes to amaze me with its diversity.

So this is when I created a London Bucket List. It was something I did out of boredom really. At the time of writing the post, I was maybe about a year into London life, and if I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t having an overly great time. I didn’t think I was taking advantage of one of the greatest cities in the world, but not because I didn’t want to. It was more personal than that, I didn’t have as much of the self confidence as I do now, and doing things on my own seemed a bit strange to me, even though I always noticed people on their own, it didn’t look weird, and in fact, I admire people for that. But knowing myself, I would feel…I guess you could say, lonely, I would feel a bit lonely. On the one hand I had so much I wanted to do, and the other it was just me, no one to share these fun, interesting, if slightly a bit odd things to do. It almost felt like the stories and memories wouldn’t be as good because I had no one else to share my excitement, and no one to bounce off when re-telling the stories.

Anyway, I’m not one to mope around, if there is anything I don’t like, it’s being scared. Scared to do things that are ridiculous when you put it into context. I mean, why would I be scared to walk into a cinema on my own and watch a film? It’s not like you talk to anyone anyway. So I made this Bucket List. But just to clarify, when I say Bucket List, no one is about to ‘kick the bucket’ as they say. It’s just a kind of hit list/to-do list.

So this year (2014) I’ve ticked off lots of the items on the list and many more things I had never heard of. I have to say though it’s been great actually meeting new people, and finding friends who I can say I will be life-long friends with. What’s better is that we’re on the same wavelength, and so ticking off this list has been so easy.

I’m  a bit obsessed with lists, but that’s only because I don’t want to forget all the weird and wonderful things I’ve done…


  1. Recipease – Jamie Oliver
  2. Roast dinner at Jugged Hare
  3. Song Que cafe on Kingsland Road
  4. A Wong in Victoria
  5. House of Ho
  6. Burger Co – Carnaby Street
  7. Pop Art Sushi
  8. Typing Room cocktail bar
  9. Tramshed
  10. Roast dinner – Jones Shoreditch
  11. Tom’s Kitchen
  12. The grapes pub
  13. Christmas at Kew Gardens
  14. Franco Manca (two Italians have recommended this place so must be a winner)
  15. Burger afternoon tea
  16. Hakkasan
  17. Roka – Charlotte St (sushi)
  18. Happiness Forgets cocktail bar
  19. Chotto Matte
  20. Dishoom for dinner
  21. Flesh and Buns
  22. Patty and Bun
  23. Dirty Burger
  24. Shake Shack
  25. Afternoon tea at The Ritz
  26. Make sushi

London Tourist

  1. Charles Dickens London Walking tour
  2. Visit St Paul’s Cathedral
  3. Rooftop cinema
  4. Go to the ballet
  5. Opera
  6. See Phantom of the Opera
  7. Jack the Ripper tour
  8. London Loo Tour
  9. East London graffiti tour
  10. Go to the V&A
  11. Go on the cable car


  1. Climb a tree
  2. Fabric/rave
  3. Go to a London Halloween party 
  4. Do karaoke
  5. Roller disco

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