Time Out Top 100: no.18 – Gunpowder

Name: Gunpowder

Number: 18

Date of visit: February 2017

Time Out says ‘this tiny home-style eatery blows other Brick Lane Indians out of the water’ and you better believe it. Gunpowder is by far one of the best Indian foods I’ve ever eaten. This small place fills up quick, luckily we got there just in time for opening with only a couple in front, but the wait is worth it. I went with the BF and we could’ve ordered the whole menu (just A5 side) and each one that we had was so full of flavour and well-cooked.

Surprisingly, the Okra fries were one of the biggest hits, the lamb was also perfection and those gunpowder aloo chat (potatoes) almost tempted us into a second portion. This is a must try, and go again. Because I’m definitely coming here again.

I also quite like the fact it’s down an unsuspecting street just a bit further from the hustle and bustle of Spitalfields. The small venue suits the food and the atmosphere. I don’t want this place to ever change, but it does deserve the recognition.

The photos don’t do this justice.

Middle top – Karwari soft shell crab; Middle bottom – Kashmiri lamb chops; Right – Porzhi okra fries

*The August 30 – September 5 2016 Time Out London issue. The 100 best restaurants in London was printed in all its glory. I saw it as a challenge. I love food and I love lists. I took it upon myself to try and visit all these places on the list because this is also a good opportunity to try new and different places, and to visit parts of London I may never go to otherwise. It’s not going to be easy and I’m not giving myself a time limit (I mean, it’s an expensive pastime after all), I’m juts simply doing this because it’s fun. There are 100 of these places, so 100 reviews is quite time-consuming too so I’ll try to be brief about it. I’m following the list in PRINT and not online – the online list is ever changing and it would be near impossible for me to keep up with that one. I hope you enjoy it as much as me.


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