Time Out Top 100: no.7 – Bao

Name: Bao in Soho

Number: 7

Date of visit: Sometime in 2016

Time Out says its deserving of its queues. It is, and it isn’t. It’s concept is incredible, something so simple but effective. As a business idea – it’s great. The food is really good, really inventive and creative with a steamed bun. The downside of it all, is that coming from an Asian background, I have pretty high standards when it comes to the fluffy white stuff. The steamed bun itself at Bao is one of the better ones I’ve had, I admit, but for the price and quantity of food, it can get pretty hefty if you’re expecting to leave with a full and happy belly. The side options are really creative though so don’t dismiss them.

*The August 30 – September 5 2016 Time Out London issue. The 100 best restaurants in London was printed in all its glory. I saw it as a challenge. I love food and I love lists. I took it upon myself to try and visit all these places on the list because this is also a good opportunity to try new and different places, and to visit parts of London I may never go to otherwise. It’s not going to be easy and I’m not giving myself a time limit (I mean, it’s an expensive pastime after all), I’m juts simply doing this because it’s fun. There are 100 of these places, so 100 reviews is quite time-consuming too so I’ll try to be brief about it. I’m following the list in PRINT and not online – the online list is ever changing and it would be near impossible for me to keep up with that one. I hope you enjoy it as much as me.


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